Roman & Veronica Shubin- Chicago

We have never been happier about a person moving to Chicago, Thank you Yura, our wedding literally would not have been the same without you. There is a great reason why there aren't less than 5 starts reviews here, because we all probably want to give him even more! The man is a genius, he makes unbelievable videos and captures your special day in a way that blows your mind, can I repeat? Blows your mind!!!! I said it before and I will say it again, just hire him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael and Tanya- Chicago

Weeddline is the best video studio you can ever get. You guys are huge professional in what you do. Yuriy is truly amazing. It was very easy working with you. And, even though that I have only saw the teasers as of yet, they left me speechless. Me, my husband, our family and friends just felt in love with them. Thank you, for doing such a great work for us. We, for sure, will recommend you guys to everyone.

Adam&Wendy- New York

Booking Weddline Studio for our Wedding was the best decision we made. Yuri  were simply amazing. We were looking for videographers that were different. We didn't want a cheesy video that looks like everyone else's. We wanted videographers that were unique and that could capture our story and our day in a way that represents us. They went above and beyond. The skills they have were obvious from the moment they arrived. I could see them from the other room arranging every detail down to the flowers. I don't usually write reviews but I feel that everyone needs to know how amazing these videographers are. They are amazing people, amazing artists. This video is something we will cherish for the rest of our lives and its thanks to them. If you think that maybe you should skip getting a videographer for your wedding TRUST ME YOU WILL REGRET IT. Weddline, we can't thank you enough. I will be recommending this company to everyone I know.

Наталя та Женя- Chicago

Дуже дякуємо тобі і твоїй команді що ви розділили наш весільний день з нами!!!
  Ваша пунктуальність і креативність вразила нашу родину і друзів! Ви на стільки віддаєтеся своїй    
  роботі що всі в захваті. Ми дуже щасливі що ви були з нами.

Роман та Юля- Chicago

Юра, спасибо огромное тебе и твоей команде за такую качественную , креативную и профессиональную работу ! Я безумно довольна конечным результатом- кинематографические кадры, композиция , движение камеры , творческий подход к съёмке, цветокоррекция видео - все на высоте ! Я очень рада что именно вам мы доверили нашу свадьбу ! Спасибо за то что благодаря твоему безумно красивому видео мы смогли пережить заново все эмоции свадебного дня !